Photography Classes

Utah Outdoor Photography Classes

I am are offering a hands-on style of outdoor photography classes for northern Utah, designed for the beginning photography enthusiast to help them learn more about taking great outdoor photographs. The classes are a one-on-one setup on location or at your home to help you learn first hand how to get the most out of your camera. I firmly believe you can’t learn photography if you aren’t taking pictures and the best studio available is the natural world around us.

northern shovelor
Portrait of a drake northern shovelor. Learn how to photograph birds with our outdoor beginning photography classes.

If you are wanting to get more out of your digital camera and have been wanting to learn how to photograph outdoors I can help you learn how to take better outdoor pictures. My photography classes are a bit different than most other standard photography classes here in Utah. We won’t be sitting in a boring classroom. We will be outside taking pictures. Depending on what kind of outdoor photography you are interested in we will meet at a specific location and work on various techniques or I can come to you and teach you in your home.

Utah outdoor photography classes now available.

The photography classes will be available by appointment Monday through Saturday. Typically the best time to photograph outdoors is early morning and late evening but if those times aren’t suitable we can work out a different time during the day to teach you the lessons. If you live anywhere from Logan, Utah to Salt Lake City, Utah and want to learn more about outdoor photography contact me for more information.

Utah outdoor portraits
Learn to take stunningly beautiful outdoor portraits.

Each outdoor photography class is $50 for an hour lesson. 4 photography classes prepaid on the first class is $180. I can either come to your home or we can meet on location, it is up to you. Small group classes are available as well for $100 per class per group if you want to set up a small group setting for up to 5 people. We will work on composition, understanding light, basic camera settings, basic editing as well as other topics as needed to help you take your outdoor photography to the next level.

Learn how to take better landscape photographs. Sign up for my outdoor photography classes today.

What you will need to get started is a DSLR camera and at least 1 lens, 1 SD memory card, computer with a digital editing program and a desire to learn how to photograph outdoors. A tripod and mono-pod are recommended but not needed to get started. I photograph with Canon cameras and suggest if you are looking to get a DSLR camera to look at the Canon line of cameras. Don’t worry if you are a beginner and new to photography. We all have to learn from the beginning and I can work with you now matter how inexperienced you are at photography. Outdoor photograph is relatively easy once you learn the basics and are comfortable with your camera settings. It just takes practice and some basic guidance to get started.

great salt lake reflection
Utah outdoor photography classes to help you take better photographs.
burrowing owl
Do you like to photograph birds? Learn how with my outdoor photography classes.
monarch butterfly
Monarch butterflies make great photographs. Learn how to take better butterfly pictures with my outdoor photography classes.
happy birthday photo greeting card
Learn how to get the most brilliant sunsets with my outdoor photography classes.
american avocet
Want to learn how to photograph birds in flight? Contact me about my outdoor photography classes.
rufous hummingbird
Have you ever wanted to learn how to photograph hummingbirds? I can teach you with my outdoor photography classes.
utah outdoor photography classes
Unique Utah outdoor photography classes. Learn how to take better waterfall pictures with my outdoor photography classes.
utah outdoor portrait photogaphy
My outdoor photography classes can even help you learn to take better outdoor portraits.