Another Burrowing Owl And My Least Favorite Kind Of Light

I am in owl mode. I love them so this time of year I go and look for owls to photograph any chance I get. Burrowing owls are fairly easy to find and photograph so they are a common subject for me. Typically when I go out in search of owls it is late in the day, early afternoon so the sun isn’t in the best of spots for the location I tend to frequent. I always try to get front lighting on my subjects so it shows the most available detail and color but sometimes I have to be satisfied with what mother nature gives me. This recent image of a burrowing owl is a great example. The amount and angle of light was great but was coming from the wrong direction, directly behind the owl giving it back lighting. Other images I have shot have not turned out as well on birds with back lighting but this one turned out rather well. It still gave lots of color and detail to the owl despite not having direct light on its face and front feather. I will always prefer front or even side lighting as opposed to back lighting when photographing birds but sometimes I am pleased with the results like I am with this one.

burrowing owl
A burrowing owl with some back light.