My First Burrowing Owl Of The Year And That Pesky Metal Post

As most of my followers probably know by now I am not a fan of metal fence posts in wildlife photographs. I prefer a more natural look with a bird on a natural perch or even an old wooden fence post but when a golden opportunity arises to photograph ones first burrowing owl of the year you take it no matter what the owl is sitting one. This image is my first burrowing owl for 2017. To me it is a superb shot, very clean background with a soft color. Both things I really strive for in portrait style shots with birds. It gives all the attention to the owl where it should be. In fact, the only thing I would change about this image is that pesky metal fence post which seems to be a common sight for me lately when photographing birds. Not a deal breaker by any means when one gets a shot like this but it does leave something to strive for as this photographer is still in search of the perfect owl image on an old fence post.

burrowing owl on a metal fence post
A burrowing owl on a metal fence post.