It’s Time For The Boys Of Summer

It’s time for the boys of summer to return. No, this isn’t a baseball reference per say but a mention of another summer pastime I look forward to each year, photographing the american white pelican. I often refer to them as “the big white bird” and they are a true staple of summer photography for me as I love to watch them glide high on the summer thermals. This particular image was taken on the Bear River Migratory Bird refuge on a very familiar place but one that was altered from a storm this past winter. The tree had blown over from high winds last year. It was a common place for many birds to roost during the day and now it looks like in its altered position it may still offer its services to a different clientele.

american white pelican on the bear river migratory bird refuge.
An american white pelican sitting on a log on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.