A Western Meadowlark In A More Natural Setting

One of the goals I have when I photograph birds is to try and get them in a natural setting. It doesn’t always happen but that is a goal I strive for. Sometimes, however, one has to make exceptions when the opportunity arises like I did the other day but more about that in a minute.

The western meadowlark can easily be described as one of my favorite songbirds, if not my all time favorite songbird. I have been trying to get a really clean, sharp image of one singing in a natural setting all spring this year. I finally achieved it, well, at least I think so. The first image is my best effort to date, a western meadowlark singing on a sage brush perch. It has a very clean, soft colored background and not cluttered and it’s on a natural perch. So what’s not to love, right?

singing western meadowlark
A singing western meadowlark on a sage brush perch.

The second image is one I am using for comparison, an image already posted on some of my social media outlets. It is one of my best portraits of a western meadowlark except, of course, for that pesky metal fence post. It to has a clean background and soft colors behind the bird and if it wasn’t for the metal fence post I might actually like this image more than the first but I just can’t wrap my head around an unnatural setting for such a most beautiful bird so between the two the first image has a much higher probability to be printed than the second.

singing western meadowlark
A singing western meadowlark in a less natural setting, a metal fence post.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love both images but for me a wall hanger of a bird should be in a more natural setting if and when at all possible. The first image is what I am after but the pursuit is not over but only has begun. I am in search of a similar image but on an old wooden fence post. I know the irony with this endeavor as an old wooden fence post is still a man made object but there is just something so unique about a bird perching on such a pedestal singing its spring time song I am willing to overlook it to try and fulfill the image that is in my head I am in search of.