A New Years Eve Barn Owl

It is new years eve and I just got home from searching for barn owls. This time of year with snow on the ground and extremely cold temperatures, well below freezing for a day time high, barn owls spend a lot of time during the day hunting. It is a great time to see a species of owl during the day which is rarely seen during the day most of the rest of the year. I only saw one this afternoon but it was a good one. It dove right in front of my car and gave me ample time to grab my camera and get off a quick shot before it darted off over the vast snow covered field in search of mice and voles. I am not a big fan of winter and the extreme cold temperatures it brings this time of year but a silver lining is the opportunity to see birds, such as the barn owl, which aren’t often seen otherwise. I feel bad they have to endure such harsh conditions but I love owls and I am glad we still have wild places they can hunt and find food and shelter during these harsh winter conditions.

barn owl
A barn owl just after it dove into the snow in search for food.