Looking Back at a Recent Sunset

Going through some recent sunset shots led me to this image of the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah. It’s not a spectacular sunset by any means but one that I particularly like because of the soft colors and reflections.

I wish I could have gotten the distracting foreground out of the picture and just captured the soft colors and reflection but when photographing outdoors one has to often take what mother nature gives them, unless, of course, one wants to get wet as would have been the case needed for this shot. I opted to stay ashore and live with the foreground but many times I do venture out into the waters for the perfect angle or position.

great salt lake sunset
A recent sunset on the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Each sunset offered to us in unique in its own way and poses a different challenge to photograph. This particular one posed the problem of getting the perfect location, which was unobtainable by us land bearing folks. Other times its trying to capture the brilliant reds, oranges and pinks in the shot, the vibrant colors which tell the story. Often times it’s neither location or color but just a reflection that needs to be captured in a certain way, grabbing the right clouds which tell the story and leaving the ones out which don’t.

Photographing sunsets is such a relaxing activity. It’s peaceful and serene and whether I sell the image or not photographing sunsets is always worth the time and effort put forth.