The Yellow Headed Blackbird And A Bid For Spring

They are noisy and they are sometimes difficult to photograph but I sure do love em. I am talking about the yellow headed blackbird, a bird which is a sure fire sign spring is here. With all the fog, smog and haze, not to mention the extremely low temperatures and wet winter we have been experiencing here in Utah I just had to post a couple of pictures of a spring time bird in hopes old man winter lets loose his wintry grip and gives way to warmer temperatures, singing birds and great photography conditions.

yellow headed blackbird
A yellow headed blackbird is a sure sign spring is here.

I apologize if these images may have been posted in an earlier entry but after looking at my most recent unpublished images I had to post something a bit more bright and colorful to make a bid for an early arrival of spring. I am ready for it and so is my camera. I look forward to the days when the marsh is filled with the loud call of the yellow headed blackbird. When I see and hear this bird in the marsh I know my winter attire is done for the year.

yellow headed blackbird
I am looking forward to spring and the return of the yellow headed blackbird.

The first sight or sound of a yellow headed blackbird sends goose bumps down my arms. Yes, I do get so excited when I hear the raspy, loud chatter of the yellow headed blackbird. But it is more than just warmer temperatures which lead to my excitement. I am excited for spring migration, a time when many birds such as the yellow headed blackbird make their way back home to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and other favorite haunts of mine to spend yet another year posing and displaying for me and the camera. I sure do love photographing birds and spring is the best time of the year for bird photography.

yellow headed blackbird
I am anxious to once again see the bright yellow colors of the yellow headed blackbird. It has been a long cold winter.

So I hope it isn’t too early to make a bid for spring. This old bird photographer is ready for a change. Ready for warmer temperatures, sunny days and colorful birds singing their song once again. I can only sit and wait for the day when I get to see my first yellow headed blackbird for the upcoming year but rest assured it is on its way.

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