The Unwanted Guests When Feeding Hummingbirds

If you feed hummingbirds then you know of what I am about to speak of, the unwanted guests at the feeder. We have all experienced it, the wasp or hornet gathering at our hummingbird feeders. They rule the roost, chasing away the very birds we are striving to feed and help on their long journey southward.

Hornets and wasps are definitely an unwanted guest at my feeders and I will do what I can to chase them off but the other day while waiting for another hummingbird to arrive I noticed something I had never seen before. Two wasps were in a confrontation of sorts, actually an all out battle to be more precise, over who is king of the hill at the feeder.

They fought for a bit then one chased the other one off, only to return shortly after to enjoy the spoils. Well, at least until I promptly chased him off his hard fought winnings. I had never witnessed this behavior and I was lucky enough to get a couple of frames of it on film. Even though sights like this are so interesting to me, being a part of nature and all, I still have no room at the inn for hornets or wasps at my hummingbird feeders.