The Song of the Western Meadowlark

I can’t think of a sweeter sound than the song of the western meadowlark. I spend many hours each spring photography the western meadowlark and this year I am adding some short videos of this beautiful bird to help bring it to life for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing its springtime song.

I could listen to this bird for hours and very few birds, if any, come close for me on a sweeter sound in nature. The male house finch and red winged blackbird are rivals that also have a sweet springtime song but I think I would still give the nod to the western meadowlark for the best song in nature.

Here are a couple pictures and a short video of the western meadowlark singing its springtime song.

western meadowlark
A western meadowlark perched singing on a sagebrush.

western meadowlark
A perched western meadowlark.

western meadowlark
A portrait of a western meadowlark.