The Return Of The Yellow Headed Blackbird

yellow headed blackbird

The yellow headed blackbird has returned. The have made their annual spring migration and returned to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge for yet another breeding season. Although their numbers right now are small, the yellow headed blackbird is a common and numerous summer resident on the refuge and as spring progresses their numbers will grow dramatically.

yellow headed blackbird on the bear river migratory bird refuge
The yellow headed blackbird has returned to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.

I admit I was out in search of tundra swans to photograph on this trip but their numbers have dramatically dropped in the past few days as more and more swans head north to their arctic breeding grounds. But no worries as the refuge is starting to see spring arrivals almost daily of the yellow headed blackbird as well as many other migratory bird species which call the refuge home during the summer months.

yellow headed blackbird
Portrait of a yellow headed blackbird.

Spring is my favorite time of year on the refuge as each day seems to be like a Christmas present when I see new arrivals. I saw my first yellow headed blackbird a few weeks ago hanging with a group of red headed blackbirds but haven’t seen any since until yesterday. But now they are starting to be a common sight on the refuge so spring is on its way. The unique but harsh call of the yellow headed blackbird, although not as soothing as the red headed blackbird, is a welcoming signal of the changing of the seasons as winter lets loose of its icy grip in place of warmer temperatures and longer days.

yellow headed blackbird
Head study of a yellow headed blackbird.

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