Spring is for Displaying Red Winged Blackbirds

Even though the calendar will fight me on this, spring is here. The red winged blackbirds have already turned the page in their calendars and started to display and sing for mates and breeding space.

It is fascinating how even just one day can be the difference in nature. One day out on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge it was silent, still and calm and a day later the serenity is broken by a calling red winged blackbird. The effort of a lone blackbird is not lost on nature as it snowballs and now there is a chorus of blackbirds and other birds singing their hears out in a spring time declaration.

The male red winged blackbirds are a great subject to photograph in the spring. Usually throughout the year they are a bit camera shy and wont sit still for long. But don’t despair. For a short period in spring while they are more occupied with their chores of nature they seem to be a bit more tolerant of us humans trying to get a perfect shot of them on display.

I was able to get a couple shots of the displaying red winged blackbird this spring, one with its brilliant red wing feathers displaying towards me and the other in a quite opposite but still a wonderful displaying pose.

Spring is here. My new calendar is marked by the displaying male red winged blackbird.

red winged blackbird
A displaying red winged blackbird on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.

red winged blackbird
A red winged blackbird singing for spring.