Rufous Hummingbird and a Red Flower

Photographing hummingbirds feeding on a flower is both challenging and rewarding. It can frustrate even the most experienced photographer to no end trying to get the perfect shot of the bird and a clean, non-distracting background.

I have spend countless hours in this endeavor only to come up short in what I would call the perfect hummingbird photograph. This photograph would have a very clean, smooth background with a light color tone as to not distract from the bird. It should show plenty of flower with the hummingbird and most important the wings should be totally frozen in time.

I have come close several times to what I would consider a near perfect photograph of a hummingbird but there always seems to be something holding it back from being a spectacular shot. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself as photographing flying hummingbirds on flowers is one of the most difficult things in the natural world to photograph. I have always said if you can get a great shot of a flying hummingbird feeding on a flower you can photograph just about anything.

The first hummingbird photograph on this post is one of best I have come up. It has a clean, smooth background with a soft color tone, it has plenty of flowers in the picture and the wings are frozen. So why isn’t this a perfect shot of a hummingbird? I will let be up to my readers to decide. 🙂

rufous hummingbird
A juvenile rufous hummingbird on a red salvia flower.

rufous hummingibrd
A rufous hummingbird feeding on a salvia flower.

rufous hummingbird
Rufous hummingbird.