Portrait Of A Horned Lark

Sifting through my images has taught me two things. The first is I need to get out more and photograph as I am running out of new images to post. The second is I have very, very few images of one of my areas more common birds, the horned lark. It is a bird I admire but just haven’t spent much time photographing for some reason. I will hopefully remedy the problem this year as I will try to focus more on the subjects which I haven’t given much time to, such as the horned lark.

horned lark
One of the few pictures of a horned lark I have been able to take the past few years.

This is a good representation of what I try to accomplish with a portrait depicting a perched bird. The background is smooth and has a nice soft color. Not an easy thing to do always but this is the result I strive for with resting or perched birds. I prefer a non-distracting background if at all possible so one can focus on the subject. I wish I had more of the series to post but unfortunately this particular bird only gave me a split second to get even one photograph. One thing I have learned about birds is don’t get discouraged when photographing them, there is always another day out in the field. Birds do pose a great challenge for photography because they are so mobile but when one is rewarded with a nice composition like this those other moments of frustration are soon forgotten.

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