Portrait Of A Drake Northern Shovelor

Recently, despite the cold temperatures and cloudy days, I found time to get out and photograph. I went to one of my favorite spots in search of, well, anything and everything I could find. I was hoping for owls and eagles but I was very happy when I came upon a spot filled with northern shovelor ducks. They were coming to a shallow open patch of water to feed and from what it looks like sit for a bit. Many of them were just resting and quite possibly enjoying the cold January afternoon. This gave me a great opportunity to get a portrait of one of the more colorful ducks, the drake northern shovelor. It’s not always easy to get close enough to waterfowl, even with a big lens, to get a great photograph but on this day lady luck was on my side as they seem to want to pose for the camera. This is quite possibly my favorite photograph of the whole day. I love it when photographing birds is this easy and the results are great.

northern shovelor
Portrait of a drake northern shovelor.

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