Portrait of a Dark Eyed Junco

The dark eyed junco comes to visit the backyard feeder every winter. It is no stranger to my yard. In fact, it is extremely common but I am lacking in photographs of this beautiful little bird. It is one of the more shy bird species I tend to get around here. It shares the feeder area with many other species of birds but is the first to leave if something looks amiss. I have tried several times this winter to get some better shots of the dark eyed junco but I usually get inundated with the more cooperative goldfinch so my attention turns to them after hours of frustration from sitting at the feeder with nothing to show for it. Well, that is the fun part of bird watching and bird photography. It is the challenge of getting a great photograph of a bird which draws me back over and over again. The dark eyed junco, like a few other bird species, is just such a bird to give me a good run for my money.

dark eyed junco
Winter brings the dark eyed junco to the backyard feeder.

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