Patience Gave Me This Sunset

Earlier today I was watching the clouds as I do each day, hoping for the chance for a tremendous sunset this evening. About an hour before the sunset we had a small storm roll through but it quickly dissipated.

Times like this, fast clearing evening storms can give some of the most glorious sunsets I have ever seen. I promptly gathered my gear and headed out to my favorite spot for sunsets, the Great Salt Lake.

As I approached my spot the excitement I was having soon started to fade as I watched the clouds start to dissipate too quickly. The water was also very choppy from a prevailing wind but I decided to stay despite the poor sunset conditions.

As luck would have it not much of a colorful sunset came to be. In fact, there was no color at all in the clouds but I still had hope for something worth shooting. Another photographer nearby quickly packed up and left and I was getting ready to do the same but I still had fleeting hope for something, anything, to reward me for my efforts but it seemed it wasn’t to happen tonight.

As I was leaving my spot, well after all the other photographers had left, I noticed a reflection in the smooth water. It grabbed my attention to where I stopped the car and grabbed my gear to see what I could do with it. The wind had subsided and although the clouds never lit up there was a brilliant red in the sky behind the clouds so I quickly snapped a shot before it left.

Patience is the most critical part in photography, in my humble opinion. Many, if not most of my best shots have happened because I waited and waited and waited, long after other photographers had left. Patience is also the hardest part of photography to learn but well worth the effort.