My First Ash-Throated Flycatcher

My First Ash-Throated Flycatcher

I am not an expert birder by any means. I am barely a novice by most standards but that doesn’t keep me away from the excitement of finding new birds along my travels. A couple months ago I was out in a very remote part of northern Utah looking for owls to photograph when I came upon this perky little fellow.

I had not seen one before so the identification eluded me until I got home and reviewed the images with my bird literature. It turned out to be an ash-throated flycatcher, my first as a bird watcher and as a photographer.

I know very little, well, to be honest I know nothing, about the ash-throated flycatcher. I can’t say if it is a common or a unique find in the birding sense. Finding birds to photograph, however, regardless of species, is always a great find. I am happy with just about any bird to photograph but it adds a little extra excitement when it is my first for a certain species, like it was for this flycatcher.

Hopefully my unique personal finds in the birding and photography realm will keep coming. There are so many beautiful birds out there to find, observe and photograph I am anxious to get out and search again. Hopefully my next excursion will be as successful as it was for finding my first ash-throated flycatcher.

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