My Favorite American Avocet Pose

Photographing the american avocet is something I look forward to each and every spring. With the arrival of these quirky little birds comes the opportunity to catch their antics on film for others to enjoy.

Above all other displays and behaviors the stretching pose of the american avocet is my favorite and, ironically, one of the most difficult to catch. I have not perfected the art of knowing when an avocet is going to stretch but rather sit and wait it out hoping the one I am fixated on will stretch sooner or later.

It’s a bit of a cat and mouse kind of dance but one that pays off after a lot of patience is spent and even more batteries are drained and memory cards filled up. The other day I was out on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge watching and photographing the first influx of avocets on the refuge when I was able to catch one of these birds in a stretching pose. I hope it wont be my last as catching this pose is quite the challenge.

american avocet
A stretching american avocet on the bear river migratory bird refuge.