Lonesome Pelican and Some Jewelry

A couple days ago I found myself on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in search of anything compelling me to press the shutter button. One thing in particular on my radar was pelicans. I love me a great pelican photograph. I am just weird that way I suppose.

Well, as the morning progressed I finally came across a lonesome pelican sitting on a mudflat by itself. I snapped a few photos and something caught my eye. It had some jewelry around one of its legs.

The Utah of Division of Wildlife Resources has been posting lately about banding and tracking pelican movements so I can only assume this was part of their research project. I couldn’t make out all the numbers on the leg band but this is the very first pelican I have come across with any type of identifying marker on it of any kind. A partial read on the band numbers comes up with 5886 but I am sure more is needed to make a positive identification on this particular bird.




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