House Finch Head Study

When it comes to backyard songbirds there is very little which, for me at least, compares to the house finch. They are beautiful birds with a wonderful song to sing.

I spend a lot of winter time watching and trying to photograph the house finch, both the male and female. I say trying as they are not always a cooperative bird when I have the camera out and ready to go. They tend to want to stay in the back of the tree, hiding in the thick foliage, making it tough if not nearly impossible to get a good, close up shot of their head and beak.

The male house finch seems to be more elusive than the female, giving me only brief flashes of its brilliantly red colored head as it moves about the thick branches. It is a great reward when I do indeed get a great shot of a house finch and even more so when I can capture a great close up of a male house finch.

I only have one image to post at this time and it isn’t anything I think is perfect or a great shot due to the distracting background but It is still a good shot of a wonderful male house finch, showing the bright red coloration on its head and neck.

male house finch
Head study of a male house finch.

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