Head Study of a Song Sparrow

It wasn’t the best morning for photography but I haven’t been in the last few days so despite the clouds starting to build up I decided to hit the local wildlife management area and see what I can find. It was a slow morning bird-wise but I did come across a few song sparrows I was able to spend a few minutes with. Sometimes I like to capture some of the surrounding vegetation and scenery with the bird and other times I like to get in real close and get a close up, particularly a head shot of the bird. I was able to do just that this morning with this cooperative song sparrow.


It would have turned out better with better lighting conditions but we are expecting another storm soon so I have to deal with the never ending days with low light and cold temperatures this time of year. I love photographing birds in the winter because they are quite a bit easier to get closer to but I also miss the long stretches of sunny mornings when my camera can capture more color and detail. Either way a day out watching birds and photographing our natural world is a great day.

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