Head Study of a Hummingbird

Hummingbirds fascinate me. Not just from a photography standpoint but also from a biological one. They are unique and beautiful creatures. This year I haven’t spent any time photographing them like I usually do but tonight I wanted to sit down and just take a few moments and see if i can get any real good close ups of a hummingbird which might give me a few minutes of their time.

I admittedly missed the major migration but still see a few stragglers at the feeder so I was able to get a decent head shot of a female hummingbird. I am not the best at bird identification but I do believe it is a female broadtail hummingbird. It is so relaxing to sit and watch hummingbirds at a feeder. Photographing them does add a bit of anxiety but it is still a peaceful and quiet moment with only you and the birds. Just how I like it.

Hopefully I can get a few more shots of hummingbirds before they all head south for the winter and I have to turn my attention to other things to photograph.

Head shot of a female hummingbird.