Going Through Old Photos

Going through some old memory cards led me to this photo. It’t nothing spectacular but one which caught my eye. It is of an american avocet taken last year on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. It was one of the very few images of the american avocet I was able to get last year due to very low water and drought conditions on the refuge.

american avocet on the bear river migratory bird refuge
An american avocet on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge throwing a nice reflective pose.

By now I usually have old memory cards cleaned up and emptied, ready for another days use, but I have a few which have been sitting in the bottom of my camera bag for a while. A photographer can get buried in digital debris if he isn’t careful because old images and data adds up fast but occasionally it is a nice surprise, like in this case, when one comes across a nice image forgotten about from previous days in the field. Now I find myself going through memory cards with a fine tooth comb before I clean them off for another day in the field. You never know what you have overlooked the first time around so it is always a good idea to go through old photos before the memory card is reformatted and cleaned off. I am glad I did just that in this case.

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