Dragonfly Resting On A Sunflower

Dragonfly Resting On A Sunflower

When I photograph dragonflies I almost always try to get a real good close up to see their really cool head but sometimes, as in this case, I saw something different and tried to capture it in such a manner. I thought this little fella was looking pretty cool while sitting on this sunflower. He was pretty patient with me as I fidgeted with my camera and lenses for a bit, trying to get the best image with the dragonfly and sunflower I could.

dragonfly on a sunflower
Side view of a dragonfly resting on a sunflower.

This particular image I had to try and get the horizon level and lower in the frame as to not distract from the star of the image, the dragonfly. Composition is of the utmost importance in photography but is often overlooked. I took an incredible amount of photographs of this dragonfly resting comfortably on the sunflower in hopes some of them will look how it looked in my head when I came across this scene. As an outdoor photographer one cannot be afraid to take a lot of images in hopes of getting everything just right in the image.

dragonfly resting on a sunflower
Dragonfly resting on a sunflower with a slightly different background color.

The last image is pretty similar to the first image but it has a noticeable difference in the background color. I love trying to get smooth, soft backgrounds in different colors like this. I am torn as to which one I actually prefer over the other. Both were taken just a few minutes apart but the sun was starting to get pretty low on the horizon and that usually changes the lighting conditions so quickly images can often look different just from the changing light.

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