Close Up Of A Barn Swallow Against A Smooth Background

Close Up Of A Barn Swallow Against A Smooth Background

Barn swallows on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge are extremely common. I would guess they would number in the many of thousands or more. I have photographed them a couple times, or at least tried as they are very agile, quick and don’t sit for very long. As summer comes to an end and fall prepares it’s stay the barn swallow prepares for it’s long journey southward and eventually the refuge will say goodbye to one of its summer residents.

barn swallow on the bear river migratory bird refuge
Another view of a barn swallow on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.

I had the opportunity to get a couple of poses of a barn swallow sitting on a wooden fence post. What I like most about the pictures is how clean and smooth the background is. It was taken against a canal of water on the bird refuge but I never expected it to be so smooth, giving full attention to the swallow on the post.

When I photograph birds and butterflies I prefer a simple background which doesn’t add a lot of distractions to the image but lets one focus on the subject, in this case a cooperative barn swallow. Some detail in the background does indeed help give character to an image but, at least for me, too much can be distracting and take a way from the subject.

I will note this was taken on a very cloudy day. The colors of the bird didn’t exactly pop due to the soft light but I am pleased with how it came out.

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