Butterflies Are Beautiful

monarch butterfly on a red flower

Like the title infers I think butterflies are beautiful. They have stunning colors and are so peaceful to watch and photograph. I honestly can’t say I have a favorite species because I love all the butterflies I have had the opportunity to observe and capture on film but the monarch is near the top of the list for sure.

I had the opportunity to photograph this monarch on a red flower the other day. I can’t recall the name of the flower despite it being in my yard, however. It does offer such a brilliant splash of red against the soft grey background and really enhances the butterfly beautifully. Butterflies really don’t need any help being beautiful but a nice flower never hurts in such a composition.

I am pondering changing the landscaping of the yard to help butterflies and also hummingbirds with more natural flowers as a source of nectar. Seeing a butterfly or hummingbird at a flower, even for just a brief moment or two, is such a peaceful moment in one’s day I can’t help but want to put out more natural food sources for these beautiful creatures. I have fallen in love with butterflies this summer and look forward to each summer in the future I get to spend a little time observing and photographing them on beautiful flowers.

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