Backyard Photography

Backyard Photography

One of the joys of photography is going out and finding new places and seeing new things. Recording those new experiences are what keeps me behind the camera. Unfortunately, however, I don’t always have time to go to new areas and look for new things. I don’t go photograph far away and exotic places either so I have to look for the interesting and unique close to home. In face, sometimes I have to look for it right at home.

I find some of the greatest satisfaction in photography by observing and recording nature right in my own backyard. It is amazing how much life there is right under our noses. All we have to do is look for it.

Yesterday after I went on a fairly successful butterfly excursion I came home and wanted to photograph some hummingbirds. To my dismay my yard has been pretty devoid of these little creatures this summer. I haven’t seen one at my feeders in almost a week but I had hope today would be the day the dry spell would be lifted.

Well, the clouds rolled in and nothing was happening at the feeder so I was thinking about packing it in and getting back to editing the endless stream of butterfly images I took earlier that day. Something caught my eye, however, just as I was getting up to head back inside. Something was making a branch on my newly blossoming butterfly bush bounce. I investigated and it turned out to be a bumble bee enjoying the fresh bounty from my butterfly bush. I tried to get an image of it but nothing worth while came of if but I noticed a dragonfly on one of the branches and I gave it a shot.

The light was low due to the clouds so I had to open up the aperture all the way, resulting in a very, very narrow depth of field but I caught the head of the dragonfly in focus so I can live with a little depth of field on the rest of the image.

It’s nothing fancy or even a wall hanger but it is rewarding to find and photograph nature in ones own backyard. I haven’t given up on the hummingbirds but sitting here early this morning looking at all the clouds I wonder if I will get to use my camera today at all or not. The yard is full of young chickadees just waiting for their portraits to be taken so hopefully the clouds will disperse so I can enjoy an afternoon photographing and watching the birds and other creatures right in my own backyard.

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