Another Western Meadowlark Afternoon

When I go bird watching and photographing there is one bird I can always count on to make me smile, the western meadowlark. It never disappoints. Each spring I long for the sound of its sweet song as it perches itself on a roadside sagebrush to declare to the world spring is here.

A week ago I had the urge to go back and revisit my favorite meadowlark stomping grounds. I frequent it much during the year, especially in the spring and early summer when the soft breezes carry the elegant song of the meadowlark to all who come to listen.

I come to listen. I come to watch. And I will come again and again for the soft, sweet song of the western meadowlark.

western meadowlark
A perched western meadowlark.

western meadowlark
Western meadowlark on a sagebrush perch.

western meadowlark
A singing western meadowlark.