An American Avocet Against A White Background

An American Avocet Against A White Background

I have to admit I don’t remember exactly where this picture was taken. I don’t even remember when it was taken but I admire it for how soft and smooth the background turned out. The background is all natural and exactly how the camera captured it. I am sure it is a shallow pond as that is where the american avocet is almost always found, feeding and resting in a shallow bit of water.

The american avocet is a summer resident of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge with many nesting pairs rearing young each summer. Each fall, as they start to congregate for the great trip south to a warmer climate for the winter, thousands of american avocets can be seen in large flocks along the Antelope Island Causeway. It is an important shorebird habitat and one that is greatly misunderstood or not appreciated by many.

As I sit and ponder over this image I wonder if I should have “edited” out the few sparse pieces of vegetation in the background. Doing so would have given it a completely smooth look which much of the time I prefer or if just a taste of something in the background gives it a little personality. I am not much into over-editing an image and rarely do I alter such things unless it is a small but very distracting part in the image.

Well, for now I will leave it. Maybe someday I will play with the image and see how it looks with the sparse stands of vegetation edited out. Until that day comes, if it ever does, I will admire this beautiful bird and be saddened when they soon pack their bags and head south for the winter. The older I get I feel this journey isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe someday I can follow the avocets example and head to a warmer climate for a few months to avoid the blast of winter which is only a few short months away.

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