American Kestrel

With the new year upon us I will say I usually don’t make new years resolutions but this year I am going to get out and photograph more. I am going to try and work on getting more and better images of some of my nemesis birds, such as the american kestrel. The kestrel is a bird which always eludes me and I only have a few good photographs of them.

american kestrel
American kestrel yawning on a cold winter morning.

A week ago I was able to capture a couple images of an american kestrel perched in a tree. It was extremely cold, well below the freezing mark, and the kestrel had no intentions of moving so it obliged me in a few portrait shots. I don’t like the upward angle and all the distracting limbs in the shots but it is a kestrel and any image of an american kestrel is a good one in my book because they are hard to get close enough to for photographing.

american kestrel
Perched in a tree, an american kestrel weathers the cold winter.

Well, happy new years everyone. Have a great year. I hope you are able to get out a lot this year and enjoy the natural world around us, either to photograph or just enjoy.

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