About Us

I have started Jeff Strong Photography with the intentions of finding and capturing some unique photographs of the natural world around us. We don’t always get to see the splendor and beauty of the outdoor world that surrounds us because of our fast paced lives. It is my hope and desire to capture these moments through photography and bring some of that beauty to you through these photographs.

My vision for outdoor photography is based on trying to capture that one unique moment, a unique pose of a bird or a brief glimmer of a sunset ray of light, for example, and preserve it for others to see and enjoy. These moments are all around us if we look for them but they often go as fast as they appear. Through photography I hope to capture as many of them as possible and share them with others.

Jeff Strong Photography is now offering prints, outdoor portrait photography, and greeting cards of some of my favorite photographs with more being added all the time. We will always be adding framed art to our collection so check back with us often as we are constantly out photographing the natural world and adding new images. Visit our shop page to see which prints we have available for purchase and visit our blog for stories about my experiences photographing these places. Pricing and Paypal shopping cart buttons will be on each print’s individual page.

I am currently offering 25% off greeting cards when you purchase three or more at the same time. Use coupon code greetingcard25 during the checkout process for the discount. All transactions are handled through Paypal’s secure website. When you checkout you will be directed to a secure page on Paypal and all transactions and financial information is handled safely through their website and services.