A Summer Sunset and Thousands of Migrating Shorebirds

After a long day on the road, nearly 500 miles and 9 hours, I got home just in time to hit my favorite spot for sunset photography. I had a near tragedy as the water was receding and I literally got stuck up to my knees in thick gooey mud, pulling by boots off several times in my desperate attempt to get back to solid ground.

After I managed to get back to a safe spot I had missed the sun going down and now the only thing left was hoping for the last bit of color of the day. The wind picked up and started to stir the water so a grand reflection of any possible color was indeed in jeopardy.

I quickly loaded up the car and headed down the road to one last spot where I knew I could get to the edge of the water but to my surprise thousands upon thousands of shorebirds were wading in the shallow waters feeding on small organisms in the salty water. It was quite a beautiful scene. Breathtaking to say the least. The birds moved out further into the water as I approached the waters edge but that was alright, it was still a most serene an incredible moment to be a part of.

Well, the sunset didn’t happen like I wanted it to but it still gave me a small bit of color to work with. I captured what I could before it vanished for the night and I headed back up the rocky bank to my vehicle. This time of year thousands upon thousands of migrating shorebirds frequent the Great Salt Lake, making for a most unreal and splendid way to finish out the day.