A Rough Day Behind The Camera

american white pelican

It was a rough day behind the camera. All I came home with was an american white pelican. Well, sort of. I did get an image of a hummingbird this morning I am happy with but more about that in another post. I spent hours and hours today on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in search of the american white pelican but found little success. To my dismay I didn’t see a single bird until 3/4 around the refuge auto tour route, which is very uncommon for me.

I usually see them in many different spots on the refuge but for some reason they weren’t in their usual hangouts. I had a very hard time getting any images of pelicans and came home with only one which I liked. I don’t know if my camera was on the fritz or me being up at 4:30 am knocked me off my game but it was a brutal day to try and get images.

I haven’t spent much time photographing the american white pelican this summer. It is odd to make such a confession. I usually hit the refuge one or two times a week solely in search of the big white bird but my attention has been drawn to butterflies for the summer and most recently trying to get a few hummingbird images before they all leave for the season.

I am happy with this image of the american white pelican but not ecstatic over it. It was photographed in a bit harsher light than I prefer but my morning chasing hummingbirds put me behind schedule and my arrival on the refuge was met with less than great lighting as the sun was a bit high for my personal tastes but even a bad day on the bird refuge is still a great day.

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