A Reflective Pied Billed Grebe

Pied billed grebes are not hard to find by any means but sometimes for me photographing them can be a unique challenge. Most of the time when I find one in photography range they usually dive or quickly swim off the other way. This particular time, however, the unique water bird did exactly what I was hoping for, a swim-by with a nice wake behind it to help tell the story.

I have to admit I was hoping for this exact shot, the grebe swimming by on such smooth reflective water, leaving a nice wake behind it. I wish the shot was a little sharper and I actually hesitated in posting it because it’s not quite print worthy because of a bit of softness to it but I love the shot and decided to post it anyways after a few moments of arguing with myself over it despite its flaws. I hope someday I can get a repeat chance at this particular shot and get a better result but until then I will enjoy some success with this image.

pied billed grebe
A reflection of a pied billed grebe.

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