A Quiet Evening In My Backyard

It’s late in the day and all is quiet in the yard except for a scrub jay at the feeder and a few chickadees sounding off in the distance. This time of night dragonflies are the staple visitor to the yard. Them, along with small white butterflies, are comprising my companions here this evening.

I had one dragonfly come and sit in front of me for a few minutes so, despite the distracting background, I obliged with taking his portrait. I like the dragonflies. Not only do they eat many of the bugs in the yard but they are entertaining to watch and are part of the never dull natural world in which we live.

I added a super cropped version of the image because I love the facial features of the dragonfly. Some would call it macro photography I suppose but to me it’s all just photography. I don’t differentiate but rather just enjoy it all, especially the birds, butterflies and yes, the dragonflies too which are keeping me company on this warm summer evening.

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