A Late Season Monarch Butterfly On A Windy Day

A Late Season Monarch Butterfly On A Windy Day

It’s late in the year for monarch butterflies to be seen but I am still finding one here and there on my photography travels. Yesterday, a sunny but quite windy afternoon, was no exception.

Typically this time of year I start to switch modes from butterflies to birds. Fall migration is well underway and migrating birds are on the rise at local wildlife sanctuaries but I continue to see lingering monarch butterflies out and about.

Yesterday I found a monarch butterfly perched on a well colored piece of rabbit brush. The bright yellows surrounding the feeding butterfly made for what I thought was a great scene. Even though I had my big “bird lens” on the camera I wanted to get an image of this butterfly perched the rabbit brush. I knew such sights would soon have to give way to more winter like scenes and I won’t have many more opportunities this year to photograph monarch butterflies.

This particular afternoon was very windy. Not the best setting to photograph delicate butterflies but I didn’t let it stop me from trying. The wind pushed the colorful butterfly back and forth, even so slightly at times the camera still had a hard time finding focus on the subject.

This is were patience and persistence pays off. For a brief moment the wind subsided, giving me a few seconds to focus on the butterfly. I ended up taking about 20 images but only one worked out to my satisfaction. The others were too blurry from movement, no thanks to the unwanted wind.

But it only takes on great image to make up for all the bad ones in situations like this. I have learned not to let wind or low light discourage me but rather just keep trying to get the desired image. Sometimes I have to change my tactics a bit but no matter the situation you can always get a keeper image if you are prepared for all situations and are patient enough to see what mother nature gives you to work with. It may only last for a brief moment, as it did here with me, but usually I find if I am patient something good can come of my efforts behind the camera.

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