A Few Butterflies To End The Summer

Butterflies are always a welcome sight when I am out photographing. Many photo excursions of mine are actually solely in search of butterflies. I have to admit I am a butterfly novice when it comes to identifying them and knowing much about them but that small detail doesn’t and wont stop me from enjoying and photographing them.

The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is well known as a birding hot spot but I often visit the refuge for its lesser known visitors, butterflies. Some of the species I have photographed on the refuge I am familiar with like monarchs and western pygmy blue butterflies but the other day I came across one I admittedly don’t know what it is.

It’s bright yellow colors immediately grabbed my attention and I was quickly mesmerized by this interesting creature. When it opened up its wings and flew from one sunflower to the next it had a bright orange-ish color on its back. Several of them would land on one sunflower and a short skirmish would ensue thereafter over the rights of the sunflower.

Well, whatever kind of butterfly it is I am glad I get the opportunity to watch and photograph them. It is a quiet and peaceful moment in nature I think we all should take time to enjoy once in a while.




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