A Drake Cinnamon Teal Keeping An Eye On Me

A Drake Cinnamon Teal Keeping An Eye On Me

I admit, despite how humbling it is however to do so, I have a few nemesis birds I most definitely struggle getting great images of. I have a few, with the northern harrier at the top of this list mind you, I struggle to even get a poor photograph of. The drake cinnamon teal is one of those birds I do struggle with on a regular basis. I have achieved a few images here and there but nothing I would call stellar.

drake cinnamon teal
A drake cinnamon teal poses for the camera.

This image, obtained a few months ago on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, is one of those good but less than stellar images a few of my nemesis birds only occasionally seem to allow me to obtain. It depicts a resting drake cinnamon teal, one of my favorite ducks for sure, where he is keeping a close eye on my as I sit in my truck watching him from afar.

Each spring the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is flooded it seems with cinnamon teal anxiously awaiting the start of another breeding season. They are pretty common on the refuge but not always easy to photograph at this time. I find the males are less concerned with the casual human observer but the hens seem to be kind of skittish and take off at the least sight of trouble, causing the drakes to tag along in hopes of the upcoming breeding season endeavors to fall upon them. This particular drake cinnamon teal was by himself, which is kind of strange this time of year as many of them are out trying to impress the ladies. Well, I am glad he took the morning off from the constant dating efforts because he did give me a good image of one of my nemesis birds and I am glad for that.

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