A Determined Ant

Ok, I admit this post has little to nothing to do with photography but rather just an interesting observation today of a well determined ant. I had finished eating and had a few small crumbs of some crackers I had for lunch fall to the ground on my concrete porch. I didn’t think much of it until I started to watch the small world right under my feet go to work.

It wasn’t long before a few ants showed up and started to carry off the crumbs, some being small but some being quite large in comparison to the ants taking upon the task at hand. After I watched for a few minutes I had the idea to get it on video to show how strong and how determined ants really are, something we never really see or pay much attention to.

I put down a dime to show the size of the ant and the crumb. The ant proceeded to carry off the crumb and when it got to the vertical edge of the concrete porch I was wondering how it was going to tackle this obstacle. It didn’t seem to bother the ant as it just started to climb down the vertical concrete wall, ducking under blades of grass, all the while holding on to large piece of cracker.

I am impressed and even a bit motivated by this ant and how determined it was in taking the large piece of cracker crumb back to it’s home. My hats off to the ants and the small world right under out feet.