A Common Raven On A Slow Day

A Common Raven On A Slow Day

A couple months ago I found myself on one of those birding excursions where nothing was happening. Yes, it happens and I hate to admit it happens quite often. Finding and photographing birds isn’t always an easy endeavor and there is never a guarantee birds will be there to photograph, even in the best of spots. But one must always have hope and be ready for anything, even if it isn’t what one set out to find.

On this particular day I found myself heading home with not much to show for my efforts. In fact I had nothing to show for my efforts as I was skunked. Yes, skunked. I was coming off the Great Salt Lake and came across a raven sitting on the side of the road seemingly without a care in the world. This both interested and perplexed me as ravens are quite camera shy and even the slowing down of my vehicle will cause them to fly off so I wondered why this one was being so cooperative. I have never photographed a raven before despite them being extremely common.

To this day I have no idea why this particular raven let me photograph it for a period of time which seemed like an eternity in a photography perspective. Usually a successful photo shoot with a bird lasts only a few seconds or a minute or two at most but this particular raven sat for what seemed like 10 minutes or maybe more.

One thing to note about photographing ravens and very dark colored birds is the challenge of getting great detail in the dark plumage without the camera totally washing out the background by it overcompensating for the dark subject. Cameras are funny that way and when there is a wide spectrum of contrast often times parts of the image is washed out when the camera tries to compensate for the dark subject.

Well, anyway, it’s my first raven and I am happy with how they turned out. The images aren’t of a very artsy nature but I am glad to at least break the seemingly never ending dry streak I have had with this particular bird.

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