A Casual Northern Shovelor

This image makes me chuckle. It is of a male northern shovelor I came across a few weeks ago. The casual facial expression and pose overcome the fact this bird is still in its drab summer eclipse plumage for some reason. It is pretty uncommon from my experience to see northern shovelors in their eclipse plumage in late January but for some unknown reason there were quite a few of them gathering in a shallow unfrozen spot on the Great Salt Lake to feed and rest. This fella took the “rest” part literally and gave me a great pose.

northern shovelor
A casual northern shovelor resting on the ice.
Sometimes photographing birds is about catching a rare bird in an uncommon place. Sometimes it is catching a birds vibrant color or an exciting act. But sometimes it is just catching it in a unique pose such as it was with this particular northern shovelor on that very frosty January afternoon. I just love this image but the only reason this one might not make it to the wall is the lack of bright colors he should be adoring this time of year but despite him not wearing his Sunday best for the photo shoot I still love this image.

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