A Breezy Morning With A Monarch Butterfly

monarch butterfly on a wildflower

It was a breezy morning today. Normally I don’t mind a little wind to help cool things down from the intense heat we have been having but this morning was not one of those times. Photographing butterflies is hard enough by itself, especially in very low light, so the added frustration of a slight breeze when shooting slow shutter speeds only makes things even harder.

I took about 50 images this mornings but only 2 of them worked out. Each and every time I photographed the monarch butterfly a slight breeze would make the flower sway back and forth ever so slightly. I prefer to shoot in low light for this particular subject but wind makes it impossible as it tosses the subject back and forth.

With direct sunlight one can kick the shutter speed up quite a bit but that does change the tone of the image, however. For butterflies I prefer soft light and soft backgrounds. The subject is of a delicate nature, flowers and butterflies, so my mind thinks along those lines and I look for the appropriate light to shoot to get the desired results. It just means I have to be patient for the right conditions and be ready to photograph when the conditions do arrive.

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