A Barn Owl With A Snowy Background

Well, I woke up this morning and looked outside the window and it has started to snow, again. It has been a very wet winter this year. One thing this wet winter has brought which I am a huge fan of is barn owls. I love seeing them and the snow brings them out during the day to hunt, making for some great photography opportunities.

barn owl
A close-up of a barn owl on a snow filled afternoon.

One afternoon about a week ago I was out looking for birds to photograph and I came across this barn owl perched on a metal fence post. It was content on sitting there so I kept a safe distance as to not disturb the resting owl. I noticed from the angle I was at it had a nice white background which would make for a great natural canvas behind the bird. Usually when photographing birds there is always a bit of clutter in front and behind the bird and rarely do I see a natural clean background which allows the bird to naturally be brought forward in the image. This unique opportunity allowed me to take a great clean shot of a barn owl without having to crank down the depth of field to blur out the background, nature was doing that for me naturally.

barn owl
Barn owls aren’t usually seen during the day except during winter when there is snow on the ground.

I love photographs like this with such a clean non-disturbing background and they are hard to find out in nature. The barn owl is such a beautiful bird and it is only enhanced with such a setting. I took a few photographs and watched the owl for a bit and moved on so as to not disrupt the owl during its rest. I am a big fan of barn owls and winter makes for some great photography opportunities with these birds.

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